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At Hainel, Quality Control is active throughout the whole process of production and service. From raw material sorting to final delivery of products to the customer, our quality policy is “Continuously Improving, Quality First, The Customer is Most Important” and we diligently adhere to this policy.

We always consider the ISO/TS16949 standard as our quality control center and put it into effect by focusing on the customer, leadership, staff participation, production method, and continual improvement.

The R&D department and QC department audit the technical process and quality requirements of each item seriously. A detailed procedure is made to control and inspect the quality to ensure only high quality investment castings are produced.

Quality Assurance equipments:
Chemical Composition------Spectrometer(SPEC)
Internal Organization-----X Ray\ Magnetic Powder Nondestructive Flaw Detector\Ultrasonic\Penetrant\Hydrostatic Testing Machine
Heat Treatment Performance-------Metalloscope\Hardness Testing Device
 Mechanical Properties----Tensile Testing Device\Impact Testing Device
Dimensional Accuracy----CMM\Projector
Surface Finish----Surfagauge
Resistant to Corrosion----Salt Spay Testing Machine
Special Guarantee----Dynamic Balance Testing Machine
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