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Customer Service
Hainel is always comitted to providing the customer with the fast, excellent service. We provide personal service which is the most convenient for the customer because it provides feedback in the most effective and timely manner.
New Inquiry
Hainel supplies the most competitive price to customers within two business days. Hainel's quotation process is as follows:
New Item Development
Hainel's design team can assist the customer to design a part structure suitable for production. We design and machine the toolings by ourselves. Development lead time is 25-30 days. The Item development flow is as follows:
Batch Order Production
Hainel has everything in-house from tooling, casting, heat treatment, machining, and polishing. Production lead time is approx. 35-45 calendar days. Our on-time delivery is more than 96%.
Communication Service
Hainel employs a very skilled and dedicated customer service team. A customer can expect to receive feedback from the related production departments via a customer service member within two business days. The business information communication flow is as follows:

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