Castingis an industry that integrates professional knowledge and experiences. High quality casting parts come from the solid professional knowledge and rich experience accumulation as well as rigorous and scientific management system. Hainel has more than 30 years of casting experience, with complete casting knowledge from China's top casting university and certified scientific management system.

Themarket distribution of more than a dozen of different industries requires our professional skills to adapt to the special requirements of each industry on castings. For example, the high corrosion resistance of products in the yacht industry requires not only high quality castings, but also high quality mirror polished surface tr eatment. And the automobile industry has very strict requirement to product dimensions and casting internal defects. The mixer industry has high requirements to the dimensional stability and so on.

Hainelregards cultivating the ability of the engineer team as an important link in the long-term development strategy. Every casting engineer not only needs to have the professional ability of casting system, but also needs to take into account the professional knowledge and skills of machining, polishing and other surface treatment.